Star Fisheries is a majority women-owned, fourth-generation family seafood company.
Throughout our 93 year history, Star Fisheries has been consistently guided by principals of sustainability and responsible procurement. We have built our company around the respect and tradition of the fisheries and fisherman that make our product great. Star Fisheries is dedicated to industry best practices to ensure longevity for future generations and is committed to staying on the forefront of consumer education, preservation and ever-evolving harvesting practices.

In 2014 Star Fisheries was awarded a Grade A Certification from the British Retail Consortium.
Star Fisheries, Inc. received a Grade A Certification from the British Retail Consortium (BRC), the first standard to be recognized as meeting the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked food safety scheme. The BRC Global Standard Issue 6 for food certification aims to promote best practices for processors and retailers while ensuring customer protection. Star Fisheries Inc. successfully met the rigorous requirements of the BRC for food safety, quality control, site standards, and legal requirements.

Star Fisheries, Inc. enlists on-site USDC Certification personnel at our facilities.

Additionally, Star Fisheries is dedicated to ensuring that customers remain educated and informed about the seafood they are buying via country of origin labeling (COOL) and wild-caught and farm-raised product identification. We work extremely closely with our customers to ensure that we consistently meet and exceed their specific expectations and requirements in regards to sustainability and traceability.

The leadership and employees of Star Fisheries, Inc. have always believed strongly in giving back to the surrounding communities and have done so throughout itʼs history by ardently supporting philanthropic and service organizations such as the Olive Crest Foundation and Girls, Incorporated in Southern California. Star Fisheries, Inc. is also an active member of the National Fisheries Institute (NFI) and the California Fisheries and Seafood Institute (CFSI).