Seafood has been a part of my life since my earliest memories. I grew up in a house overlooking the Los Angeles harbor and all of the fishing boats that made it a temporary home. I began taking ship to shore calls from the tuna boats the day I arrived home from my honeymoon.

I was fortunate enough to have a front-row seat as my beloved father-in-law Neno DiMaggio grew Star Fisheries into one of the preeminent seafood wholesalers in Southern California based upon the principles of service, loyalty, relationships and quality of product. My husband emulated his father and steadfastly carried on these traditions and values while continuing to expand the company and its capabilities. It was with the heaviest of hearts but highest of hopes that I took over as President of Star Fisheries, Inc. upon the death of my childhood sweetheart and husband of almost forty years, Anthony. His memory, and that of his father, are with me every day and it has been a privilege to witness Star Fisheries continue to thrive in the years since.

Our industry and our customers are always evolving. New leadership, new economies, new ways of buying and preparing seafood keep us on our toes and doing our best each and every day. I have lived the past of seafood and I see clearly it’s very bright future. I look forward to leading Star Fisheries into this future, and continuing our legacy while creating new and enduring practices, ensuring that seafood, and Star Fisheries, are a part of many, many generations to come.

Thank you for the opportunity to make seafood a part of YOUR life.

Jolene DiMaggio, President